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What is included with my rent?

Secured, unlimited access to your private office.  We also offer free utilities, free parking, free Internet, free janitorial services, shared use
of the large and small conference rooms, and shared use of the kitchen, as well as common area maintenance fees for the office park.

Are there any additional fees?

No!  The listed price includes your Internet, utilities, and common area maintenance fees for the office park.  The listed prices is what you

What about phone?

We do not provide complimentary phone service and we therefore encourage you to utilize Voice-over-IP technology (i.e. using an Internet
phone) to take full advantage of the free Internet.  However, you may set up a separate line if you desire.    

What do the furnishings consist of?

This varies by room, but general consists of high-quality office furniture (i.e desk, tables, chair, filing cabinets, etc).  We do not provide
computers or electronics.

How long or short can the lease be?

We decide on a case-by-case basis; however our preference is for lease terms between 3 months and 12 months with the option to
renew.  We are happy to discuss your individual circumstances, however.

Is there a reception service?

No.  Our business model is based on giving customers a great space at a great value.  A full-time reception service would raise the cost to
our customers by 30-40%.  We therefore do not currently have plans to implement a reception service.  

Is there a phone answering service?

At the moment we do not plan on implementing such a service as to limit the costs to our customers.  However, we will continue to gauge
our guests’ interest in this.  It may be implemented in the future as an option to interested customers.     

Who will I be sharing the office space with?

Your neighbors will consist of professionals and small businesses all of whom we have thoroughly vetted.  

Is there a dress code?

We ask that all renters in the common space stick to a business casual dress code (or more formal as their company dictates).  This is to
ensure that the atmosphere remains professional for any colleagues that may be holding meetings with clients in the space.  If you are
spending most of your time in your private office, however, there is no dress code requirement.

I am a medical professional and I would like to use the space to see patients.  

Our office space is not well suited to see patients and having patients come in and out may be disruptive to our other guests and their
clients.  While you are very welcome to keep an office here (perhaps for research or administrative purposes), we are not able to offer
patient examination areas.  

I need warehouse or storage space as well.

We have an attached warehouse.  You may rent part or all of the attached warehouse space depending on your needs.   We would be
happy to discuss this on a case-by-case basis for your particular situation.  For instance, options include a simple demarcation of your
reserved space up to a completely secured individual storage space.    
Frequently Asked Questions
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